Schedule of Events

Greater Columbus Community Orchestra is dedicated to making great music in Central Ohio. 

We offer a portal to community musicians to come together, work on orchestra music from the past to the present day, and perform concerts that are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! We've had times we've had to get extra chairs to accommodate the audiences at Hilliard Presbyterian Church, and we're happy to do so! 

We are a non-profit organization and we do gratefully accept donations.

Here's the schedule of our upcoming performances:*

Beethoven's Nature

Winter concert II-

Rehearsals start Monday, February 6th, 7:30 PM at

Hilliard Presbyterian Church


Sunday, Mar. 26th, 2017

7:00 PM at 

Hilliard Presbyterian Church

Not too many composers become household names, but Beethoven is one of them. While renowned for fiery romanticism, we explore the softer side of the Master from Bonn with a performance of the Pastoral Symphony. Maestro Viro also plays violin with the orchestra in the  second Romance for violin and orchestra.

Imaginal Listening

Spring concert-


Sunday, May 21st, 2017

7:00 PM at 

Hilliard Presbyterian Church

We end the 2016-17 season with a world premiere and a PICCOLO concerto. The fourth installment of Rocco DiPietro's symphony, "The Art of Imaginal Listening" will be performed along with Lowell Liebermann's  Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra

2017-2018 Season


Dates and program info to be announced- but we'll be back for 4 more concerts during 2017 and 2018. Concerts are held Sundays at 7:00 PM at Hilliard Presbyterian Church

All the details aren't finalized at this moment, but we have some exciting events coming up next season! Violinist David Niwa, who last thrilled us with his performance of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, returns to solo with the orchestra. We are also proud to announce that Maestro Luis Biava, principal cellist with the Columbus Symphony will be with us. Add in pianist Caroline Hong, AND MORE! Stay tuned- lots of great music awaits! 

*Please note: Like everything in life, our schedule can be subject to change. Also, we occasionally experience a combination of snow, freezing rain, freezing fog, plagues of locusts, giant asteroid impacts, and zombie apocalyptic activity. In such a rare event, we may cancel a rehearsal. Be sure and check this site for notification.