Fall Concert 2017 (10/29/2017)


Saxophone quartet, mezzo soprano and orchestra isn't a  combination found together every day of the week, but in the hands of Estonian composer Tonu Korvits we take an amazing musical journey in his 2011 piece "New Moon." Romantic, mysterious, modern, beautiful music explores the saxophone family well beyond the jazz hall. Rounding out the program is Mendelssohn's scintillating Symphony # 3, th"Scottish." In his own lifetime, (and beyond!) Mendelssohn was renowned in the British Isles. This work pays homage to a place he called his "second home."

Winter Concert I 2018 (1/21/2018)


A hale and hearty WELCOME BACK to two of the finest musicians in Central Ohio- or anywhere else on the planet- violinist Arianne Sletner and cellist Luis Biava. Both have appeared as soloists with the orchestra before, but for only the second time in their illustrious careers, they will take the stage together in Brahms Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and Orchestra. This was one of the last and best pieces penned by the master from Budapest, and we are in for an evening of magical music making!

Like every other group with a history, Greater Columbus Community Orchestra has its accomplishments. Currently, one of them is not being finished with this page. Instead, we'll show you some lovely photos from winter. Check back in the future, and we'll have some photos that are a bit more germane to our normal group activities.